Aaron Donald Signed W/ Kanye’s Donda Sports, Cleat Collab Coming?!

Aaron Donald Signed W/ Kanye’s Donda Sports, Cleat Collab Coming?!

Aaron Donald
Signed W/ Kanye’s Donda Sports
… Cleat Colllab Coming!

5/29/2022 1: 15 AM PT

Kanye West signed one of the greatest football players of all-time, Aaron Donald, to Donda Sports … and the 7x All-Pro says a cleat collab could be on the way!

The 3x NFL Defensive Player of the Year sat down with Brandon Marshall, Adam “Pacman” Jones and LeSean McCoy for an episode of “I Am Athlete” … where AD broke the big news he’d inked a deal with Ye’s company.

“It was a chance that came to me and [my wife],, and it made sense. The whole range of what they would bring, the whole family atmosphere they got in Donda Sports. My wife and I were a part of this. Donald said that it was “a no-brainer” for him.

” I think it’s a great opportunity to open up many doors and do a lot of other things than football. It’s something that I want to do, that my wife wants to do, and that I can be involved in. It’s a great opportunity to be part of this, and to be one of the first athletes to do so, it’s awesome. We are excited about it and we will see where it goes. “

Kanye launched Donda Sports earlier this year, and not only signed Antonio Brown … he also installed the star WR as president. There were many Pro Bowls between AB and AD for a brand new brand.

As part of the plan, Brandon asked Aaron to release a cleat for Ye.

“We’ve been talking, but it’s not like we’re doing nothing. There are many things we have in the works. “

But it’s not all business between the men… Aaron claims he hung with Ye, and West even asked Aaron to be in one his music videos.

“He is a cool man. He is cool. A cool dude. We had to talk a bit. Vibe. I was at one of his video shoots. He wanted me to be in one of his videos, but I was like, “Naw.” I was out of my element. Aaron said to the guys that he was cool.

Donald clarified that DS isn’t a fad or a fad in West… it’s something Ye is committed building.

“Donda Sports means a lot to him, his mother, and everything. He wants this to be a top-tier sport and something he is serious about. “

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