AI Integration Across Industries

AI Integration Across Industries

To create sustainable business impact, AI capabilities must be tailored to each industry’s requirements and infrastructure model. Learn how customers’ problems across industries can be addressed in any compute environment, from the cloud to edge, with end-to–end hardware and software optimization.

Kavitha Prasad, VP & GM, Datacenter, AI and Cloud Execution and Strategy, Intel Corporation

Kavitha Prasad leads the team responsible for developing Intel’s strategy for next-generation data center solutions, cloud architecture solutions, and deployment systems. She is also responsible for Intel’s overall AI strategy, execution, and implementation efforts. Kavitha re-joined Intel in 2021 and has held several engineering and leadership roles in her 13 year career at the company. Kavitha was previously the director of engineering at Xilinx Corporate, and was a founding member of Kavitha is a graduate of San Jose State University in electrical engineering.

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau

Elizabeth Bramson–Boudreau, CEO, MIT Technology Review

Elizabeth Bramson–Boudreau is the publisher and CEO of MIT Technology Review. MIT Technology Review is an independent media company that represents the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Since Elizabeth took the helm of MIT Technology Review in mid-2017, the business has undergone a massive transformation from its previous position as a respected but niche print magazine to a widely read, multi-platform media brand with a global audience and a sustainable business. Under her leadership, MIT Technology Review was praised for its editorial authority, best-in-class events and innovative use of independent, original research support for advertisers and readers.

Elizabeth has a 20-year background in building and running teams at world-leading media companies. She is keen to find new ways to market media content to appeal to both B2B and discerning consumers.

Elizabeth was a senior executive at The Economist Group. Her leadership spanned across business lines and covered mergers and acquisitions, editorial and product modernization, sales, marketing, and events. She was a consultant to technology companies on international expansion and market entry earlier in her career. Elizabeth has an executive MBA from London Business School, a MSc from London School of Economics and a bachelor’s from Swarthmore College.

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