Amber Heard Testifies About Poop in Bed, Blames Depp’s Dog

Amber Heard Testifies About Poop in Bed, Blames Depp’s Dog

Amber Heard
Testifies about Poop in Bed …
Depp’s dog ate some weed

5/16/2022 7: 55 AM PT


8: 23 AM PT — Amber just testified about a fight she and Depp had around her 30th bday. Depp grabbed Amber by the pubic bone and asked her, “You wanna tough like a man?” She claims that things got so bad that she had to use “Couch”, the safe word for the couple, to get him to stop. “


Amber Heard says she isn’t to blame for the poop found in Johnny Depp‘s bed … instead blaming the actor’s dog, who Heard claims was experiencing some serious bowel issues after eating weed.

Amber was back on Monday after a week-long break and her defense team brought up the incident. Heard said that Boo, a puppy at the moment, had gotten into Johnny’s marijuana stash.

Heard said that before she and her girlfriends left to Coachella, the dogs were on the bed and that’s when Boo pooped on the bed.

Of course, Johnny had a much different explanation of what he believed had happened — saying the doo-doo was too big for his tiny dog to produce. It looked like it was coming from a human. “

Starling Jenkins, who worked as a driver for Depp around the time of Coachella, claimed Heard had told him she was involved in a prank gone wrong … but Amber just testified saying that’s just not possible, because she wasn’t in a pranking mood, she was in the process of leaving her husband.

Originally Published — 7: 55 AM PT

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