Anchorage PD Says Cops Laughing at Driver’s ‘White Privilege Card’ in Violation

Anchorage PD Says Cops Laughing at Driver’s ‘White Privilege Card’ in Violation

Anchorage PD
2 Officers Found in Violation
For Selfies with ‘White Privilege’ Card Driver

8/5/2022 8: 10 AM PT

Just to be clear … Anchorage PD frowns upon cops joking and taking selfies with potentially impaired drivers who flash a “white privilege” card — instead of a driver’s license — as identification.

Yeah, this is actually a thing that happened. The dept just announced its findings after investigating the July incident where officers pulled over Mimi Israelah at 3: 30 AM for weaving. She recorded video, which she posted but since deleted, showing officers Nicholas Bowe and Charles Worland laughing as she presented the novelty I.D. card.

One of the cops said it was “hilarious.” Many people online had a much different reaction when Israelah’s video went viral — they were outraged and called on law enforcement in the Alaskan city to do something.

For the record, the cops said Israelah showed no signs of impairment, and they didn’t give her a ticket — but lots of folks thought they just let her off because they loved her gag.

If nothing else she could’ve been cited for not having a license on her while driving.

On Thursday, Deputy Chief Sean Case said, “We recognize that the [Facebook] post, what was contained in that post, caused a bit of a public uproar, and there were a lot of people that saw that and did not like that post.”

While the 2 officers were found to have violated department policy, Anchorage PD wouldn’t go further into specifics … nor would they say what punishment, if any, they’re facing.

Both officers are reportedly still employed with the department.

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