Are telomeres biological clocks?

Are telomeres biological clocks? We at Titanovo have been doing commercial telomere length testing for a few years now, so naturally we accumulated some data to look at correlations. While it’s a bit early to publish any findings in a journal, I’d like to disclose some observations and key thoughts I am starting to believe. [...] Continue reading »

Dieting: A genetic approach

Genetic studies show that only 22% of us will benefit significantly from low-fat food restriction, with the alternative low-carb giving an advantage to 29% of the population. Given the vast differences between these types of diets, genetic analysis can help us overcome uncertainty about how to lose weight. Nutrition suddenly becomes important when we begin

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Measuring telomeres: buccal swab or blood-based?

Telomere length measurement can be done a variety of ways on cells throughout the body, but is most often done using a blood or saliva-based method. There are advantages to both, and are likely each appropriate for different clinical and research areas. Titanovo is the only commercial entity to offer a buccal-swab based, non-invasive method for

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Eating Well in the New Year

Many people start off the new year with fitness goals, whether it be to log more hours at the gym, to cut sugars from their diet, or to try vegetarianism. While we have all heard the ire of gym-nuts about the yearly influx of new fitness-enthusiasts at the local gym, attempts at living healthier should

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Titanovo Now Accepting Bitcoin

In keeping with our tradition of offering our tests directly to consumers in a way which works for them, Titanovo is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Accepting bitcoin makes it easier for international customers to purchase, and adds an extra layer of security for our buyers. If you are interested in learning

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