Can lifestyle changes really alter telomere length?

Can lifestyle changes really alter telomere length?

Titanovo’s telomere length test is designed around one main idea: that telomere length is a health and ageing biomarker which is actionable with positive lifestyle choices. In this post, we will take a general look at the evidence that telomere length is indeed actionable and that positive choices have the potential to lengthen telomeres.

Upon their previous finding that telomeres are lengthened after three months of positive lifestyle interventions, Ornish et al conducted a follow-up study which confirmed that a comprehensive, positive change in lifestyle is associated with increases in relative telomere length.

Aside from the aforementioned study which relates comprehensive lifestyle change with an increase in telomere length, numerous studies have been conducted which correlate various healthy lifestyle choices with increased telomere length; this includes aerobic exercise, a healthy diet (such as the Mediterranean diet), decreased alcohol consumption and meditation.

So, what is the point? By making the aforementioned lifestyle changes (eating better, exercising more, meditating), individuals can positively influence a key ageing and health biomarker. On the other hand, it is quite apparent that living better is good for us, so why quantify telomere length?

There are two main reasons.

1) While we know that healthy choices are good for us, it is also true that there are different strokes for different folks. Genetics play a huge role in what works on an individual basis. Measuring telomere length over time gives users a method to determine not only what works in general, but what works for them specifically.

2) There are many supplements on the market which claim to increase human longevity by lengthening telomeres. These supplements may or may not work, but they are often generally unproven and expensive. Our affordable telomere length test gives users a means to determine if their supplementation is effective at increasing telomere length.

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