Chris Rock Briefly Addresses Will Smith’s Slap at Boston Comedy Club

Chris Rock Briefly Addresses Will Smith’s Slap at Boston Comedy Club

Chris Rock
Briefly addresses Will Smith Slap …
At Boston Comedy Club

3/30/2022 6: 01 PM PT


Chris Rock kicked off his comedy tour in Boston to thunderous applause, but he said he’s still processing what went down at the Oscars so he’ll talk about the slap later, but he did tease the crowd.

Chris performed to a sold-out crowd at Boston’s Wilbur Theater. He joked, “How were your weekends?” It was a huge success.

He said, “I don’t have a lot of sabout the events, so if anyone came to hear that, there’s a whole show that I wrote before this weekend.” He continued, “I’m still sort of processing what happened,” adding that “So, at some stage, I’ll discuss that s ..” It will be both serious and funny. Variety somehow recorded or obtained the audio inside the club.


So he didn’t say whether he accepted Will Smith‘s apology, although as we reported, our sources say he has not talked to Smith and has not addressed Smith’s Instagram mea culpa. We know that he is not accepting the apology.

Chris, dressed in a white suit, walked out to a standing ovation and almost seemed shocked, exclaiming, “Whoa, okay!” Rock urged the crowd to join him in the show and the applause didn’t stop. “

After Chris’s brief opening remarks, an audience member shouted, “FWill Smith!” “

He then said, “I’m gonna tell some jokes.” It’s nice to just be there. Then he got into his act.

Get this … the base price for tickets was $50, but after the slap, the price on the street approached as high as $8,000!

As we reported, the President and CEO of the Academy had told Will to leave the Dolby Theatre after the slap, but he refused, and the 2 honchos were, as one source put it, “apoplectic.” They were shouting backstage at Will’s rep… It was an insane scene, according to our sources.

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