Cooling Mattress Pad: Our Chilisleep Review – The Chilipad

Cooling Mattress Pad: Our Chilisleep Review – The Chilipad
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What is a cooling mattress pad? And what is chilipad? Well, it’s simply a very thin pad that goes over your existing mattress. The pad connects to a unit that produces cool air (or, in some cases, warm air, if desired) to produce the ultimate cooling effect. This is perfect for anyone who sleeps hot, has night sweats, hot flashes or simply wants to save money on air conditioning.

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Here are some highlights of your Chilisleep Review and Set Up
0: 00 – Intro
0: 47 – How and WHY we are testing a cooling mattress pad
2: 14 – Chilisleep Cube Unboxing & Set Up
4: 15 – Different sides of the Chilipad
7: 57 – Filling up the Chilisleep Cube with Water
8: 57 – How loud is the Chilisleep Cube?
9: 49 – Chilisleep Review: 2 Months Later
12: 04 – Can you feel the microtubes?
12: 59 – Other Chilisleep Systems
17: 11 – My 1 complaint with the Chilisleep Cube
18: 42 – Goodnight

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The short story is this: if you want to sleep cool AND save money, you really can’t go wrong with the Chilisleep Cube Sleep System!