Demo our Client Panel Today

Demo our Client Panel Today

Titanovo is pleased to now offer demo access to its client panel, where hundreds of users have already received their telomere length measurements.

Our panel informs users of their telomere length versus those in their and other age and gender categories, as well as their telomere length vs. their diet of choice for their age group. Over time, as Titanovo aggregates more user data, we will provide even more correlations, such as telomere length vs physical activity and telomere length vs alcohol consumption.

The panel also shows the results of our longevity genotyping panel, which tells the statistical odds, based on three main longevity genes, of living to the age of 100.

For all interested parties we are providing demo access to our client panel, please use the information below:
login: password: leadingtheinnovation

Note: If you log in, and the characters are in Cyrillic, please move your mouse to where it says “Region: Ukraine” and change it to “English – Worldwide.”


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