Dieticians and nutritionists

Finally, an easy-to-use practitioner-oriented nutrigenetics solution has arrived

Improve client results

Your clients receive more effective dietary protocols, and you get the incorporate genetics into your practice, building a healthier nation together.

Hard science done right

All calculations and recommendations are based on clinical studies and trials with statistically relevant outcomes. Lab tests are CLIA certified and HIPAA compliant.

Weight-loss diet: applied nutrigenetics

A weight-loss diet based on genetic predispositions can lead to 2.5X faster fat loss and protect from regaining weight.

Predict malnutrition

Our platform allows you to see potential micronutrient deficiencies and sensitivities in clients to better meet their nutritional needs.

Integrate telomere testing data

Get even more information by adding telomere length testing for your clients

Comprehensive solution

Not only nutrigenetics, but also incorporating sport and behavioral genetics will help improve personalization and outcomes.

DNA Lifestyle Coach - nutrigenetics analysis engine and genotyping service

Test our platform for yourself

Integrate genetic data into your nutritionist practice

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