DNA Diet Coach Protocol: Alice’s Need for B Vitamins

DNA Diet Coach Protocol: Alice’s Need for B Vitamins

To clearly demonstrate how our patent-pending DNA Diet Coach works, this post is a simplified example of the DNA Diet Coach’s results analysis. In particular, we will focus on interpreting results from the MTHFR and FUT2 genes, which are related to vitamins B9 and B12. Alice will be our example subject.

From genetic testing, we discover that Alice has a common mutation of the FUT2 gene. There are several known metabolic outcomes of this mutation: 1) decreased levels of B12 vitamin in serum, and 2) decreased concentration of beneficial lactobacteria in the gut. If this genetic mutation is discovered and analyzed by a traditional system, the suggestion is simple: drink more milk products and take additional B12 supplementation.

But the DNA Diet Coach knows that actual metabolic pathways are much more complicated, and it also takes into consideration user preferences. First, the system will check if the user likes milk and cheese to begin with, and what type. Then it will check if the user is lactose-intolerant, and to what extent, to understand if dairy products could be suggested to this user. Then an appropriate decision will be made and stored, but not yet shown to the user.

The need for additional supplementation of B12 is closely related to MTHFR mutations and methylation genes in general. First the system checks the users status on methylation genes, and checks whether a methylation mutation requires an additional decrease or increase in B9/B12 supplementation. The best profile and composition of B vitamin complex is calculated considering supplemental genes: VDR and COMT mutations. And, finally, the users’ food preferences are considered to calculate optimal intake.

At the same time, the VDR gene is closely related to Vitamin D and Calcium adsorption. To calculate those needs, we have to take a look again into lactose-intolerance status (as a main source of calcium is milk products) and to combine this Calcium-related recommendation with the recommendation that was generated by the FUT2 subroutine.

B12 vitamins

And the process goes on until all genes, preferences, and wellness goals are considered.


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This example shows the basic idea behind our DNA Diet Coach and behind nutrigenetics in general.