Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Was Hilariously Confused About His Dress-Up Day Costume

Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Was Hilariously Confused About His Dress-Up Day Costume

Recent dad Cody Bellinger’s mind went to Disney cartoons instead of Vegas shows when Justin Turner suggested their costume for the Dodgers’ dress-up day.

The Dodgers did their annual dress-up day on Sunday, donning costumes for their flight from San Diego to Phoenix. This tradition was started many years ago to replace the rookie hazing that many teams do. In which first-year players are required to wear emasculating costumes on September trips, the Dodgers did their annual dress-up day.

Instead, the entire Dodgers organization gets in on it. Even Andre Jackson, a rookie who was just called up a few days before and didn’t have much time for planning, is included in this group. Justin Turner, team leader, decided to include Jackson in the group costume. Chippendales dancers.

Originally, it was just going to be Turner and Cody Bellinger in the group, and since it was JT’s idea, he ordered the costumes, including two ab suits to make the players look extra muscular. JT had plenty of the bowties and cufflinks — they come in a four-pack on Amazon, just $15. 99 with next-day delivery on Prime — but he only had two of the muscle shirts. It was BYOA — Bring your own abs when Jackson and Joey Gallo joined.

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The group costume came off very well and was a huge hit, but Turner told Matt Vasgersian on MLB Network that there was initially some confusion on Bellinger’s part (go figure).

“It was originally going to be just me and Cody doing it. Joey’s costume was not available and Dre was just called up that day. I ordered extra bowties and cufflinks in case someone didn’t have any. Cody and I were discussing Chippendales. Cody was like, “Alright. Cool.” I showed Cody a picture of the Chippendales in their cufflinks with no shirts and he was like, “Alright. Love it. Let’s do it.” ‘

“And I guess in the cage the other day, he was talking to some of the guys, and he’s like, ‘I just don’t understand where the bowties and the cufflinks come in for the mice. ‘

“He was thinking about the Chipmunks that are Chip and Dale. He thinks we’re going to dress up as Chip & Dale. He’s like, ‘But whatever, I’m down! ‘”

If we can get past Belli referring to Chip and Dale as “the mice,” it’s refreshingly wholesome that our lovable blockhead’s mind went to the Disney cartoons instead of the Vegas burlesque shows. This is what fatherhood does to a man, I suppose.

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