Eating Well in the New Year

Eating Well in the New Year

Many people start off the new year with fitness goals, whether it be to log more hours at the gym, to cut sugars from their diet, or to try vegetarianism. While we have all heard the ire of gym-nuts about the yearly influx of new fitness-enthusiasts at the local gym, attempts at living healthier should always be encouraged. We at Titanovo want to help you start your year off right, so in this post we share some tips for eating better in 2017.

1) Cut Added Sugars from your diet

While this advice may seem obvious in terms of candy and soda, what many people do not realize is that added sugars are in a whole host of foods we would never even think of. For instance, storebought coleslaw and most yogurts are chocked full of added sugar. Also, most fruit beverages should be considered unhealthy due to sugar content, with exceptions including hint water and select vegetable juices. Avoid the pitfalls of added sugar (which can lead to weight gain and diabetes) by always checking labels and making sure your purchases contain no added sugars.

2) Cook at home whenever possible

That salad at McDonalds with chicken, croutons, and dressing? Chock full of extra calories, fats, and added sugars. Even the healthier seeming items at most higher end dine-out restaurants have calories where you wouldn’t expect them. The only way to know what is really going into your food and into your body is by making the food yourself. In fact, there are many ways to make a healthy meal for two in as little as twenty minutes. My favorite 15 minute meal is tilapia cooked in olive oil and spices with jasmine rice and fresh greens.

Realizing that there are cost and time-effective ways to create a meal is important for most people to feel motivated to cook for themselves

3) Choose healthier alcohols

We are well aware that as busy adults, it can be a lifesaver to come home to an adult beverage after a long day. But if you are choosing a stout or a hard liquor on a regular basis, you aren’t doing your body any favors in the long term. If you are a somewhat consistent drinker of alcohol (1-2 drinks per night), wine is a great choice. If it is beer you must stick to, go for a light beer. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your friends.

And we always suggest avoiding binge-drinking.


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4) Thirsty? Drink water. Then, drink some more.

When you are feeling thirsty, don’t grab the Mountain Dew. While I know the temptation of the neon-green beverage, water is always the choice your body wants you to make. And there are easy ways to give water some flavor, such as adding sliced fresh fruit to a pitcher. Another option is to add just a little bit of juice to give your water some flavor without the calories and sugar of a full glass.

5) Sign up to learn about the DNA Lifestyle Coach

As you know, your genetics play a key role on what dieting options are best for you. Titanovo wants to help you realize your goal of good health by letting you know type of food and vitamins your body really needs, based on genetics and lifestyle preferences. Sign up by clicking this link.