Ex-Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Claims Restaurant Bounced Her Over Leggings

Ex-Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Claims Restaurant Bounced Her Over Leggings

Exec-ATL Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
Capital Grille Bounced Me …
Overdress Code & My Leggings!

4/16/2022 4: 19 PM PT

Keisha Lance Bottoms claims a restaurant refused to let her dine when they felt she wasn’t dressed up enough — and it sounds like she thinks something nefarious might be afoot.

The former mayor of Atlanta tweeted about her alleged experience Friday. She wrote: “I was just turned aside at @CapitalGrille Perimeter Mall because my leggings were on. She later added more information, even though she didn’t mention a racial element in her initial comments.

I was just turned away at @CapitalGrille at Perimeter Mall because I have on leggings.

— Keisha Lance Bottoms (@KeishaBottoms) April 15, 2022

WSBTV anchor Kristen Holloway pointed out that Capital Grille does, indeed, have a dress code … something they note on their website. They don’t allow sweat pants, tank tops and tank tops. They also prohibit exposed undergarments.

KLB argued against this… suggesting that someone came after her, which she feels wasn’t up-to-snuff, but was granted access anyway.

Odd that a restaurant in a mall parking lot turns away customers in “mall” attire. I asked if I could sit in their bar area, and was told “No.” I was told “No” by the staff. https://t.co/4GRq97cwGP

— Keisha Lance Bottoms (@KeishaBottoms) April 15, 2022

She wrote: “It’s strange that a restaurant in a parking lot of a mall turns away customers wearing’mall’ clothes. I asked if I could sit in their bar area, and was told “No.” ‘”

Keisha says, “Rules are rules, just wonder what if the woman who came in right after me, and who I did not see return out, was also denied service.” The ex-mayor did not elaborate further so it’s not clear what the other lady might have been wearing.

BLACK Democrat Mayor of Atlanta (my Friend) Keisha Lance Bottoms was refused service at @CapitalGrille

But WHITE Folk in Gym clothes and T-shirts are totally fine at Capital grille pic.twitter.com/HDYkZRuqSs

— Daniel Newman (@DanielNewman) April 16, 2022

Although Keisha didn’t specifically allege racism, many people quickly made that leap by digging up photos purportedly showing white people at the same restaurant wearing very similar outfits and the same gear CG bans. Some see a double standard.

KLB didn’t respond further to her accusations, and Capital Grille has remained mum. There is no word on what, if any, more may be.

Marcia Grant

FWIW, this is far from the first time in recent memory that a person of color has accused a fancy restaurant of discrimination through the veil of a dress code … it happened back in 2020, when a mom alleged exactly that in Baltimore — and even took the issue to court.

NBA HOF’r Dominique Wilkins claimed something similar last year in Atlanta as well.

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