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What Shipping Methods Are Available?

By default, Titanovo ships via USPS First Class Mail. However, we would be glad to ship by another service, such as FedEx or UPS, if requested by the customer. For a shipping quote, please contact us at

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package

Titanovo always aims to ship your package within one business day. Please note that extenuating circumstances may arise. In this case, lead times will always be noted within product descriptions.
Upon arrival, we strongly encourage users to follow the instructions for use of their kit and to send it back to us at their earliest convenience. For domestic orders, return shipping is included.
Note: We do not include return shipping for orders outside of the United States

Who Should I Contact If I Have Any Questions

For all other questions, we can be reached at

Do You Ship Internationally?

We gladly ship international orders which do not conflict with national trade restrictions. Please note that return shipping is not included for international orders.

How Can I Return A Product?

Any unused kit may be returned for a full-refund, less shipping and handling, to Titanovo. The product must be unopened and shipped back within ten (10) days of purchase, at the customers expense.
If a kit was purchased and used, but for any reason the client chooses not to follow through with testing, we will offer a partial refund within 30 days of purchase. This refund is dependent on the select package purchased.
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us at

Bulk Orders
& Distribution

How may I Distribute Titanovo Products?

Titanovo is glad to offer bulk pricing for distributors who wish to offer our products in new markets.
We also offer our services to bio-medical researchers interested in incorporating our data or tests into their studies. For more details on distributor pricing and collaboration, please contact us at


Can you help with our research?

Titanovo offers a wide range of services to laboratories conducting bio-medical research. This includes: genetic population studies, protocol development, and custom research for clinics and corporations. Read more here!

Do you offer tests other than the telomere testing kit?

We also offer genomic assays and related services. Please contact us at to discuss the details of your research.

testing specifics

I heard percentage of short telomeres is more important than mean telomere length. Is this true?

Titanovo measures mean telomere length, which is a proven biomarker for health and wellness, as shown by the strong correlations in a range of widely cited papers as well as Titanovo’s own dataset. There is not at this time strong evidence that percentage of short telomeres is more clinically relevant than mean telomere length as a measure of overall health and wellness. With that being said, percentage of short telomeres may be more clinically relevant as a pre-marker for specific diseases, and is something we may offer in the future.

Your method uses buccal (inner‐cheek) cells. How does this compare with tests which require a blood sample?

We believe that our buccal swab technology is a better marker for telomere length than whole blood, because of its unique combination of saliva leukocytes and buccal cells, providing a greater diversity of cell types in a sample.
Regardless, telomere length is correlated in various cells throughout the body, as evidenced by this paper published in Nature and widely cited: «Telomeres shorten at equivalent rates in somatic tissue of adults».
Other benefits of assaying buccal cells include a more affordable price-point and non-invasive testing.

Where can I get a detailed description of your method?

We gladly distribute our technical whitepaper. Please sign up to get it!


What are the volumes required to do genotyping with you?

We are offering genotyping service starting at one sample and up to infinite numbers. If your are willing do to 1-2 samples genotyping and interpratation we best scenario for you do buy those directly online at
Otherwise, contact us for a bulk quotation.

What technology and chip you use for a genotyping ?

For chip genotyping we use a special edition of Affymetrix chip, that is nutrigenetics, sports genetics and behavioral genetics oriented and covers 1M+ SNPs.
We also offer custom panels and runs for 50-100 SNPs for less price using qPCR+MALDI-TOF technology.


What is DNA LifestyleCoach?

DNALifestyleCoach is a nutrigenetics, sport genetics and behavioral genetics oriented interpretation engine and DTC genotyping offering.

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