Global Cloud Ecosystem Index 2022

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The Global Cloud Ecosystem Index 2022 is a snapshot of worldwide cloud development and innovation. It ranks 76 nations and territories on the technology, regulations, and talent they use to promote cloud computing services. The Index consolidates scores for each country or territory across four themes or pillars: infrastructure and ecosystem adoption, security, assurance, talent and human affinity.


The Global Cloud Ecosystem Index was created by analyzing global macroeconomic, labor and trade data as well as primary research interviews with technology developers, analysts, policymakers, and policymakers. It quantifies the economies of 76 countries and territories along four separate pillars: infrastructure, ecosystem adoption, security and assurance, and talent and human affinity.

A series of indicators, which are lists of qualitative and quantitative factors, were then selected and populated within each pillar. Based on research and trend analysis, weighting assumptions were used to determine the relative importance of each indicator and pillar in determining a country’s cloud computing posture.

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