Gunshots Erupt Near South Carolina Youth Baseball Game, Terrifying Video

Gunshots Erupt Near South Carolina Youth Baseball Game, Terrifying Video

South Carolina Youth Baseball
Gunshots Explode Near Game
… Horrifying Video

4/26/2022 7: 12 AM PT

Terrifying scene at a youth baseball game in South Carolina on Monday night … a flurry of gunshots erupted near the diamond — sending kids running in fear.

The incident — which happened at around 8: 44 p.m. at a local park in North Charleston — was captured on video … showing as kids were playing in a game, dozens of gunshots rang out from a nearby parking lot.

— ABC News 4 (@ABCNews4) April 26, 2022

According to the North Charleston Police Department, witnesses said the gunfire happened shortly after a large group of teenagers got into a fistfight in the area. Police say that the teens opened fire on one another after the altercation. However, officers arrived in the area and the teens fled.

Police claim that three cars were struck by bullets during the incident… but no one was hurt.

As you can see, the coaches and players were horrified at the whole thing. Kids were seen running to the ground to avoid any bullets.

A spokesperson for the NCPD stated Tuesday morning that the gunfire was not related to the game… adding that the mayor in North Charleston was “appalled” by what he saw and heard. “

The spokesperson stated that an investigation was underway into the incident… and added, “We will not leave any stone unturned in bringing those suspects to justice. “

Cops said they are looking at ways to make the area’s parks and playgrounds safer and are also providing resources for the children who were affected by this terrifying incident.

Tuesday Games at the park have been canceled.

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