Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Grab Dinner in New York

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Grab Dinner in New York

Let’s Get Dinner, Darling

9/23/2022 5: 29 PM PT

Here’s Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde on a casual date night … more proof the breakup rumors are total BS.

TMZ took this photo of Harry & Olivia at Truck, a Mexican restaurant located in Bedford, New York.

Nothing fancy… Harry is wearing an Adidas tracksuit and Adidas sneakers while Olivia is wearing a plain white T-shirt.

Folks present at the event claim that Harry and Olivia ate dinner as a couple… and that they drank a Coca-Cola.

While breakup rumors have been swirling for a minute now, ratcheting up after they hardly interacted with one another earlier this month at the Venice Film Festival, Harry and Olivia have been hanging out this week in New York.

TikTok / @sskye96

Harry played a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden Wednesday night, and Olivia was front-and-center as she danced to his music and supported her man.

Based on what we’re seeing, it doesn’t seem like Harry and Olivia are together.

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