Henry Cavill’s Age Appropriateness for Superman Debated on Holiday

Henry Cavill’s Age Appropriateness for Superman Debated on Holiday

While Henry Cavill‘s future as Superman remains undecided, comic book Twitter is up in arms after someone suggested he’s probably not coming back … because he’s a dinosaur.

The theory was posted by YouTuber/blogger Matt Jarbo, who last week said Cavill likely wouldn’t reprise the role — despite a massive amount of clamoring for him to do so — because he felt HC had gotten a little too old, and perhaps a little too expensive.

For #SupermanDay I’d like to remind people that #HenryCavill is definitely aging out of playing the role for what @wbd is looking for

He hasn’t put on the suit in 5 years and WBD will want someone younger that cost less

Sorry if this upsets you https://t.co/jZva9yNMF6

— Matt Jarbo (@mjarbo) June 12, 2022

He wrote, “A month ago Henry Cavill turned 39. He started playing Superman before the age of 30, and hasn’t filmed anything new in 5 years. Its safe to say he’s aged out of the role. As sad as it is, WBD will definitely be pushing for a younger actor to take on the role.”

On Sunday, which happened to be Superman Day, he doubled down — saying that Cavill was over the hill, and not what Warner Bros. Discovery wanted … especially price tag-wise.

Superman through the decades. Tell us your favourite with a GIF 👇 #NationalSupermanDay pic.twitter.com/Os27vUQl5R

— WarnerBrosUK (@WarnerBrosUK) June 12, 2022

But it was Matt’s age commentary that had people doing a double take … ’cause yeah, Cavill might be in his late 30s — but the dude still looks great … far from an old geyser.

Of course, a lot of what-about-ism was offered … with many pointing to a number of “older” actors who’ve been tapped for superhero roles in the recent past, including some fellow DC alums like Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot, who are in their 40s and late 30s, respectively.

70 year old Keaton can play Batman, 41 year old Levi can play Shazam, 43 year old Jason Momoa can play Aquaman and 50 year old The Rock can play Black Adam but 39 year old Henry Cavill is too old to play Superman. What kind of logic is that? 👺 https://t.co/AGWHC63Mz7 pic.twitter.com/7higP3wPV6

— Armughan Ahmad (@armughan03) June 8, 2022

There’s also Dwayne Johnson — who’s about to don a cape as Black Adam in his 50s, no less — as well as Robert Downey Jr., who became Iron Man a bit later in life as well.

While Matt didn’t elaborate on his old man hypothesis much, what he seems to be getting at is that he thinks WBD wants to go in a totally new direction with the character … perhaps even a younger Superman in his 20s or early 30s, sorta like they did with ‘The Batman.’

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for mulah, yes … Cavill would be costly to hire. He’d already made a reported substantial salary during his original run, and is in even higher demand now. A lesser-known actor could be brought on for significantly less money, and just as much fanfare. More importantly, HC appears to be over it. He hasn’t even posted any Superman stuff today, and he’s the guy!

What this seems to boil down to is regret among the fan base that Cavill was grossly underutilized in his heyday, and now that WBD is turning the page … folks can’t let go.

Is Cavill Too Much of a Geyser to Play Supes???

But on the issue of being too old to do it again (if he and Warner wanted), is Henry really ancient??? We’ll let the people answer that for themselves … he looks pretty spry to us.

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