LAPD Couldn’t Arrest Will Smith, Cops Didn’t See Chris Rock Slap

LAPD Couldn’t Arrest Will Smith, Cops Didn’t See Chris Rock Slap

Will Smith
Cops didn’t see the Slap …
But Citizen’s Arrest Was on The Table

4/6/2022 1: 00 AM PT

There’s growing anger toward the LAPD for not arresting Will Smith on the spot even after Chris Rock said he didn’t want Will busted — but fact is, there were only 2 ways cops could have taken Will out of the Dolby Theater in cuffs.

LAPD sources with firsthand knowledge tell us only one officer was inside the auditorium, and he was backstage and didn’t see the slap. Because it was misdemeanor battery, there is no way that a cop could arrest Will without their permission.



We’re told the officer backstage heard what happened and then beelined it for Chris’ dressing room, where he waited outside for a while and then asked Chris if he wanted to press charges. We’re told Chris was clear he did not, and our LAPD sources dispute what Oscar producer Will Packer claimed … that Chris was asked if he wanted Will removed.

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There was another way Will could have been detained. There was another way Will could have been arrested. California law states that a private person can arrest another person for a public offense committed in his presence. Nobody asked for that.

Now, we also know that there was a flood – people who called LAPD or actually went into one of the divisions and asked for Will’s arrest for battery. The problem is that they didn’t see the slap in real life — it’s not like they saw it on TV — so LAPD couldn’t do anything.

Brother Tony Rock sends shots at Will & Jada on stage. #chrisrock #willsmith

— Slackaz Remix (@SlackazRemix) April 2, 2022

Chris is still mum about the whole incident. Chris sources tell us that Chris is still “processing” the incident and could change his mind. The LAPD is unable to do anything at the moment.

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