Melatonin and sleep cycle testing and analysis

  • Non-invasive 3-point saliva test

    One melatonin test is no enough. We ask you to provide morning, day and evening samples, so we can see your melatonin dynamics over the day.

  • Determine if melatonin levels and cycle is in normal range

    Is the disturbed melatonin balance is the reason to your sleep problems?

  • Suggest the timings and doses of extra melatonin supplementation

    Melatonin can help you to improve your sleep, but when taken in wrong amounts or timing it can do more harm then good.

  • Advice on food and nutrition

    Based on your melatonin profile we will suggest you optimal timings of meal and special products to naturally fix you melatonin levels and sleep cycle

Would you like to get tested?

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