Nancy Pelosi Rips Elon Musk For Pushing Conspiracy Theory On Paul Pelosi Attack

Nancy Pelosi Rips Elon Musk For Pushing Conspiracy Theory On Paul Pelosi Attack

Nancy Perlosi on Paul’s Attack
Rips Elon for Spreading Misinformation
… Really Sad for America

11/7/2022 5: 49 PM PT


Nancy Pelosi is going after Elon Musk for using his newly-purchased social media platform to push conspiracies about the Paul Pelosi attack … calling the new Twitter owner destructive.

The Speaker of The House sat down for an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and she laid into Elon and former President Donald Trump when Anderson asked her about influential folks spreading misinformation about the attack on her husband.

Nancy referenced the incendiary tweet Elon posted and deleted … the one where Elon alleged there may be more to the story than meets the eye, adding a link to a fringe site with a salacious headline about Paul and his attacker.

She said to Anderson that it was “really sad for our country” to see people who have large platforms, like Trump and Musk, “separate themselves so blatantly from the facts and truth.” “



CNN aired Monday’s interview on Monday night, just before an election in which people are concerned about misinformation being influenced by the results at the poll box.

Nancy believes Elon’s behavior is destructive to the unity she sees in the country. However, she said that there is nothing she would like for Trump or Musk to say to her because they have “no common ground.”


Speaker Pelosi also gave an update on Paul’s recovery after being attacked by a hammer-wielding man who broke into their San Francisco home looking for Nancy and wanting to break her kneecaps … getting super emotional as she recalled how she first heard about the attack.

Nancy said that she and Paul are struggling to deal with the trauma of the attack… and that misinformation about it only adds to their pain.

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