New Security Measures: SiteLock and SSL

New Security Measures: SiteLock and SSL

It is important for any company selling online to protect their customers — moreso than ever for a health and wellness company. That is why we have introduced SiteLock and SSL technology to our platform. You can now be absolutely sure that both your client details as well as your credit information are protected.

SiteLock meets Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for security, prevents DDoS attacks, automatically detects and removes malware, and eliminates and mitigates backdoors. This means you can be comfortable knowing that is protected from malicious visitors. Read more about SiteLock here.

As an additional security measure, we have also added SSL certification to our website. SSL is an encryption technology for communication between browsers and websites (it is why our site now features the https:// protocol). It ensures that your payment information is encrypted and protected from malicious use by 3rd parties.

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