Radio Pioneer Art Laboe Dead at 97

Radio Pioneer Art Laboe Dead at 97

Art Laboe
Mr. ‘Oldies But Goodies’ …
Dead at 97

10/10/2022 3: 49 PM PT

Art Laboe, a pioneering voice in radio who created one of its most famous phrases, is dead after battling pneumonia.

The disc jockey known for coining the phrase “Oldies but goodies” has died at his Palm Springs home, according to a representative of Art’s production company. According to reports, he was diagnosed with pneumonia two weeks ago.

We are told that he had close friends who were by his side at the time he died. Many generations of his fans, especially on the West Coast, will remember the man who revolutionized radio broadcasts.

Art was just 18 years old when he got his first gig on KSAN in San Francisco. He began taking requests and dedications during WWII, which was a new concept for disc jockeys of the time. He later moved to Los Angeles and made a huge social impact on the area.

He hosted live DJ shows in a drive-in cinema… where he would play Rock ‘n’ Roll music and draw young Latino, Black, and white audiences. His shows were so successful, many credit him with ending segregation in SoCal.

Art became a record producer and concert promoter, and even owned a few radio stations. Art’s last syndicated radio show, which aired on Sunday night, is a great example of marathon careers.

He was 97.


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