Rapper Goonew’s Family Defends Nightclub Memorial, What He Would’ve Wanted

Rapper Goonew’s Family Defends Nightclub Memorial, What He Would’ve Wanted

Rapper Goonew
Family Protects Corpse at Nightclub …
‘It’s what he would have wanted ‘

4/6/2022 12: 50 AM PT


Rapper Goonew‘s family thinks those criticizing the memorial service for the artist, where his dead body was propped up on stage at a D.C. nightclub, is nobody else’s business … because the service went down exactly as he would’ve wanted it.

The artist’s mother and sister, Patrice and Ariana Morrow, tell TMZ … when they first met with the funeral home, Patrice made it clear she didn’t want anyone looking down on her son. After seeing similar displays at other funeral homes, they wanted him to be displayed.


The crown on his head was a funeral home’s idea… because he was the “King” of Maryland. His family claims he was the life and soul of the party. They know he wouldn’t want a solemn funeral.

Arian claims that her brother, Goonew, made it clear that he didn’t want to be buried wearing a suit. The family tells us the 24-year-old rapper didn’t go to church, which would’ve made a casket and being dressed in a suit come off as phony. They dressed him in his regular clothes to make him look like he was still alive.

His family said they have received lots of love and support from people who knew the former DMV rapper. After the service, he was taken to his neighborhood by a horse-drawn carriage, before being buried at the cemetery.

As we reported, Goonew’s funeral service at Bliss Nightclub, D.C., was held Sunday night. The crowd received mixed reviews. The club has apologized for what went down, and claimed they had no idea his body would be on display.

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