Sperm Donor with 47 Kids Says Women Won’t Date Him

Sperm Donor with 47 Kids Says Women Won’t Date Him

Sperm Donor to 47
Women Don’t Want To Date Me!!!

4/29/2022 3: 50 PM PT

Kyle Gordy, a sperm donor with 47 biological kids and counting, can’t seem to find a girlfriend … he says women don’t want to get into a relationship with him.

The 30-year-old fears his success as an independent sperm donor is to blame for his dating woes … telling Jam Press most women aren’t interested in seeing him, and the few who give him a chance end up bailing before long.

Kyle isn’t averse to suitors. The problem is that women only want him for his sperm… and not in a romantic relationship.

He estimates 1,000 aspiring mothers have hit him up for semen — he’s been donating since he was 22 and now does it for free over social media — and says he’s fathered 47 kids across the globe with another 10 on the way.

Kyle claims that he’s been contacted by a lot of women on Instagram. However, he said it was just to look for his swimmers. He says it’s making his life difficult and is now resigned to the fact that his relationship life will never be the same as it was before he started donating.

The guy is currently on a “sperm donor tour” around the globe… he recently visited Germany and Scotland… so there’s hope that he finds a special woman.

Kyle is open to starting a family, but he admits that it will take a special lady to accept him as he is. He also explained that he often feigns his lifestyle from the beginning.

BTW … Kyle says his secret to not firing blanks is an organic diet, including 18 different supplements and herbs a day, plus staying away from alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and drugs.

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