Stallionaires Pooch Says He’s Dating Tiffany Haddish, She Says Not Exactly

Stallionaires Pooch Says He's Dating Tiffany Haddish, She Says Not Exactly thumbnail

Stallionaires Pooch
I’m Tiffany Haddish’s Man!
She Sees it Differently

4/1/2022 12: 51 PM PT

Rapper Stallionaires Pooch tells us he and Tiffany Haddish are an item after they did dinner together this week … but Tiffany doesn’t exactly see it the same way.

We spoke to Pooch outside The Henry restaurant in WeHo on Thursday… and he seemed pretty certain he has a new woman. He said he knew Tiffany was attracted to his charm and added that he is a respectful man who knows how to treat women.

Tiffany doesn’t seem to be taking their relationship as far as Pooch is… she tells us that “Well, I don’t think one dinner counts for dating.” Is it? “

She was right. But Pooch got a little shady when we asked him how long he had been with him. Watch the video — he also wouldn’t say if he’s the man Tiffany’s been praying for — something she talked about on “The Tonight Show” back in January while discussing her recent DUI arrest in Atlanta.

While Tiffany and Pooch may not be on the same page regarding their relationship status, we have to give him credit for going on his first date with her. What about a second date? Tiffany will decide if he is charming or not.

Good luck, Pooch!

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