‘Super Sized Salon’ Moving Forward With Season 2 Despite Jamie Lopez’s Death

‘Super Sized Salon’ Moving Forward With Season 2 Despite Jamie Lopez’s Death

Plans to Move Forward with Season 2 …
Despite Jamie’s Death

12/29/2022 12: 50 AM PT

The upcoming season of the TV series “Super Sized Salon” is pushing forward despite the sudden death of its star, Jamie Lopez.

Sources who were close Jamie tell TMZ… The show’s cast and crew called WE tv network honchos this week and they all agreed that they wanted to continue the show with the goal to tell Jamie’s story.

Our sources say that nothing is yet official, but there were discussions about Jamie being offered a multi-season deal before her death… and now they envision Jamie appearing in season 2… using old clips or interviews.

TMZ broke the story … 37-year-old Jamie was hospitalized last weekend in Las Vegas and died due to heart complications.

“Super Sized Salon” was aired earlier in the season on WE TV… focusing attention on Jamie’s Babydoll Beauty Couture salon, Las Vegas.

Jamie owned 50% of the salon, with her partner and business manager JD Armelin owning the remaining half. According to Jamie, Jamie’s cut will be given to her next-of-kin. JD is in the process to buy them out and plans to give equity to other women who work at salon.

We were told that JD will remain behind the scenes to eventually make the salon a franchise while looking for another woman who can be the spokesperson to carry on Jamie’s vision.

Stay tuned …

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