Telomere length measurement and analysis

A clinically relevant biomarker

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Why are telomeres important?

Biological age

Telomeres can be used to determine a measure of cellular health and longevity

Disease risk

Short telomeres are markers for the early onset of age-related diseases


Telomeres are the most precise cellular-level biomarker for overall health

Progress tracking

The best way to evaluate the efficiency of anti-aging therapies or lifestyle interventions on the cellular level is to measure telomeres

Cancer Research

Telomere length is of importance for academics studying the behavior of and cure for cancer

Longevity research

Telomeres are an important marker of aging, often used in research on the cause and fight against aging

What data does Titanovo share with me?

Absolute value of current telomere length and it's increase or decrease over time if multiple tests from one individual taken.

Telomere length versus others within and outside of that individual's demographic group.

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Easiest way to get your telomeres measured at home?

How do we measure telomere length?

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