Telomere length measurement and analysis

Proven biomarker of aging and oxidative stress

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What are telomeres?

and why you should care about them


Telomeres are protective-caps of chromosomes. They do not contain genetic information but act as physical protection for your DNA. They are the offensive line to your quarterback.


The shorter they are, the more risks to your health and the shorter your projected lifespan. You want your linemen to be strong and healthy.


You can measure your telomeres and compare your result to others of your age. Discover how you stack up against the “competition”.

Why are telomeres important?

Biological age

Telomeres can be used to determine a measure of cellular health and longevity

Disease risk

Short telomeres are markers for the early onset of age-related diseases


Telomeres are the most precise cellular-level biomarker for overall health

Progress tracking

The best way to evaluate the efficiency of anti-aging therapies or lifestyle interventions on the cellular level is to measure telomeres

Cancer Research

Telomere length is of importance for academics studying the behavior of and cure for cancer

Longevity research

Telomeres are an important marker of aging, often used in research on the cause and fight against aging

Why choose Titanovo's telomere length test?

1. The only non-invasive telomere testing solution

You provide us simply with a sample of saliva, no blood involved. Why is this important? Saliva contains multiple cell types used for analysis (buccal and lymphocytes). Using both we get a result that better represents average telomere length within the body.

2. We work both with private customers, medical professionals and communities

Our range of labs gives an access to single and bulk orders. CLIA-certified lab gives highest precision to doctors worldwide - mostly notably USA and UK.

3. We provide more than just a ``biological age``

Telomere length changes happen rapidly and the main factors that impacts telomere length are oxidative stress, pollution and inflammation – leading aging factors. Measuring telomere length over time with Titanovo can help determine if there are environmental or lifestyle factors increasing aging.

What you get:

Your telomere length

And it's comparison to others of your age. See if you have a normal telomere length, or if you should consider options to improve it.

Accèss to the DNA Lifestyle Coach

Knowing your telomere length is important. What's more important is knowing what to do about it. By connecting your telomere length to DNA Lifestyle Coach panels (sold separately), you'll learn what nutrition and fitness solutions work EXACTLY for you. Because you are unique, so is your optimal lifestyle.

What's the easiest way to measure your telomeres from home?

How do we measure telomere length?

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