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Titanovo offers non-invasive telomere testing using saliva samples for private customers, as well as medical institutions. Get your test results and start improving your health.

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Telomere length can be improved through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle adjustments. Find out what’s best for you.

Timely Follow-Up

We want you to stay healthy for many years to come. Take the test again at any time at least 6 months after the initial test to evaluate your progress and see how your biological age improved.

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Why are telomeres

and why you should care about them


Telomeres can be used to determine a measure of cellular health and longevity


Short telomeres are markers for the early onset of age-related diseases


Telomeres are the most precise cellular-level biomarker for overall health


The best way to evaluate the efficiency of anti-aging therapies or lifestyle interventions on the cellular level is to measure telomeres


Telomere length is of importance for academics studying the behavior of and cure for cancer


Telomeres are an important marker of aging, often used in research on the cause and fight against aging

What you get:


A simple telomere testing kit

Learn more about your body and your health with the easy non-invasive Titanovo telomere test. Find out how to become fitter and live healthier.


Guaranteed scientific results

Titanovo experts will give you recommendations on how to strengthen your telomeres. After 6 months we will remind you to take another test to see how your health improved.

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