Telomere Length Tests Now Include Dietary Charts

Telomere Length Tests Now Include Dietary Charts

Titanovo is pleased to announce that after processing hundreds of our users samples, we have updated our correlations to include data correlating diets and telomere length. Further, we have taken the time to update our charts to include all of our most recent data, so we highly suggest checking back in to view how your telomere length compares with a much larger and more accurate pool of users.

With regards to diet, you may now view what we would expect your telomere length to be if you chose a vegetarian diet, vegan diet, home cooking, or a fast food based diet. This is designed to help you make an informed decision on how your diet is impacting your telomere length.

Our research on telomere length confirms the importance of diet and telomere length, and we are looking to launch an even more in-depth ecosystem in the near future which can better guide users on dietary choices. We look forward to providing you with more details in the near future, but in the meantime, please sign up for our mailing list so that you are among the first to know about this exciting development!


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Also, as a gentle reminder, we suggest remeasuring your telomeres every six months or so, as rate of decrease (or an increase) is the best measure on whether or not your lifestyle is positively impacting your telomere length. If you haven’t retested, and it is nearing the six months mark, please find our telomere length test at our webstore and remeasure today!