The Download: China’s delivery apps, and why Russia’s invasion has stalled

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 Why Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is falling apart
It doesn’t appear to be learning from the mistakes it’s made, and it’s made a lot of them. (Foreign Relations $)
Meta is trying to stop misinformation about the war with Ukraine. (
Coda Story)
The conflict in Ukraine could last for years, Nato says. (BBC)
The UK is sending 8,000 soldiers to eastern Europe. (The Guardian)

2 Social media refuses to admin whether it’s shadowbanning us
And that means users trust platforms even less. (The Atlantic Elon Musk’s links with China could backfire on him at Twitter. (NYT $)
His plans to open up the company’s algorithms could also open a can of worms. (TR)
It looks like Twitter has been overstating its audience figures for three whole years. (FT $)
But the platform does play host to the odd gem. (Intelligencer $)

3 How one man escaped Shanghai’s brutal lockdown
After three weeks of intense hunger and uncertainty. (Coda Story)
Weibo will post users’ IP locations to crack down on “bad behavior.” (CNN)
Tim Cook is worried China’s covid lockdowns could affect demand for Apple gear. (WSJ $)

4 Netflix wants to lure Asian subscribers away from local streaming rivals
But they’re much cheaper. (WSJ $)
Hollywood has had enough of those pesky VPNs. (Wired $)

5 It’s getting tougher to predict what the future holds for Big Tech
The boom years of crazy growth are coming to an end. What now? (NYT $)
Snap’s Evan Spiegel isn’t sold on the metaverse. (The Verge)

6 Meet the Bitcoin fanatics who think crypto is a dirty word
Because crypto going mainstream means more clueless newbies. (The Verge)
Banks are basically influencers now. (Bloomberg $)
Scam loan apps are becoming a massive problem in India. (Rest of World)

7 Is Groups the last good thing on Facebook?
Other platforms just aren’t as easy to form strong communities on. (The Atlantic $)
Landlord influencers don’t care if you don’t like them. (Input)

8 Detecting depression can be tough. Video games could help
But they’re not enough alone for a diagnosis. (WP $)

9 We don’t know who’s behind the spike in spam calls
We do, however, know they’re probably going to keep coming. (Slate)

10 Spanish workers are transforming old phones into furniture
Which is a fun approach to tackling our growing e-waste problem. (Bloomberg $)

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