‘The Flash’s Ezra Miller Gets Aggressive With Cops In Arrest Body Cam Video

‘The Flash’s Ezra Miller Gets Aggressive With Cops In Arrest Body Cam Video

Ezra Miller
Aggressive with Cops in Hawaii Arrest Video …
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5/11/2022 4: 34 PM PT


“The Flash” star Ezra Miller was aggressive with cops during his arrest in Hawaii, yelling for badge numbers and giving a strange reason why he records incidents.

In police body cam footage from Ezra’s March arrest on the Big Island, you see cops ask the actor questions inside the bar where he allegedly became agitated with patrons.

One victim of Ezra tells cops that Ezra attacked and spit in his face, going nuts, and then he starts filming. “

Ezra yells at the officers for names and badge numbers. However, the police ignore him, and return to the alleged victor, who claims that he was playing darts and was doing his own thing when Ezra approached and spit on his face.

Ezra now understands that he is the one being busted for disorderly conduct, harassment, and he again asks why. He claims that he was the one who was attacked.

Ezra also told police he was following orders, but they said he wasn’t. When he asked what he did wrong, they told him that he was being cuffed for allegedly having spit in another person’s face.

Ezra’s claims grow… he says that his alleged attacker declared him a Nazi, and then he brings up Judaism.

MARCH 2022


As we’ve reported … Ezra’s had other run ins with police in Hawaii, including when he got denied entry to another bar.

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