Titanovo Successfully Commercializes its Telomere Length Test

Titanovo Successfully Commercializes its Telomere Length Test

Titanovo, Inc. (Titanovo) is pleased to announce that its telomere length test, launched via an Indiegogo campaign which took place in March and earned over $10,000 in sales over the course of a month, is now being fulfilled and is available at http://telomeres.titanovo.com/. All orders placed via Indiegogo are now being or have already been shipped and processed, with users able to view the dynamics of their telomere length, including telomere length vs age, telomere length vs time, and telomere length vs sex.

Scheduled to launch by August 1st are correlations for telomere length as it relates to the diet of individuals. Future updates to Titanovo’s offering will include: telomere length vs activity level, telomere length vs smoking, and telomere length vs alcohol consumption. All current users of Titanovo’s telomere length test will have access to these new correlations as they become available.

About the achievement, Titanovo CEO Dr. Oleksandr Savsunenko commented, “When Titanovo launched its Indiegogo campaign in March, we set out to create an affordable telomere length test which is both user-friendly and reliable. Having processed our first round of samples and provided results to clients, we are pleased to have achieved this milestone.” He continued “We are working to provide even more value to our clients with various other lifestyle correlations coming in the not-so-distant future.”

Telomeres are the protective end-caps of chromosomes which prevent deterioration of the cell and allow for proper replication. Their length is correlated to various lifestyles, with longer telomeres being a marker for health and wellness. Telomere length can be improved with increased telomerase exhibition, which is possible through diet, exercise, and meditation.

More information on Titanovo’s telomere length test are available at www.titanovo.com.


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About Titanovo, Inc.:

Titanovo, Inc. takes a step towards the next generation of modern healthcare by developing digital health tools for consumers and industries. The company’s go-to-market product is an oral test which measures telomere length, a key wellness and ageing biomarker. Titanovo plans to expand upon its product offering to develop an ecosystem driven by personalized health and wellness. Located in Raleigh, NC, the company is within the heart of the Research Triangle, a leading biotechnology hub.