Workers vote to become first unionized Starbucks in Alabama

Workers vote to become first unionized Starbucks in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM (Ala.) — Starbucks will have until this week to file objections with the National Labor Relations Board. This is after workers at a Birmingham shop became the first to vote to organize. According to news outlets,

Baristas voted 27-1 for organizing in a tally that was announced on Thursday. If the vote is approved, documents show that they will be represented by Workers United.

Company officials didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment on whether Starbucks would challenge the vote — the latest in a series of wins for labor at Starbucks stores across the nation.

The workers had the support of Randall Woodfin (Birmingham Mayor), who publicly expressed solidarity with them. Supporters of the union complained about lack of respect from management.

Alex Buford was a Starbucks employee for three decades who moved to the store six years ago. She also mentioned racial discrimination.

“There are a lot of racial problems that we’ve been dealing, managers purposely cutting out our hours, attacking and attacking us for no reasons,” she said to “A lot of us have complained and the managers, they’re just not hearing us out, or they’re not really listening to us, or they say they’re listening but they’re not really listening.”

A Starbucks in Buffalo, New York, became the first in the United States to unionize late last year. Based in Seattle, the company has more than 34,000 stores worldwide.

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