Telomere Length and Genomic Testing & Analysis

Genetic tests for academic research, practitioners, and corporate wellness programs.

Telomere length testing

We offer a non-invasive saliva-based telomere testing service with results available online.


Saliva-based testing

Collect samples in the clinic, the office, or at home

Full process management

CLIA approved labs, HIPAA compliant storage

Clinically relevant

Track changes in telomere length over time

Visualized data

Compare results with our anonymous data-pool. Age, sex, habitation, and more.

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CLIA certified labs

HIPAA compliant privacy

Non-Invasive Testing


Titanovo partners with researchers and medical practitioners in the discovery and clinical application of genetic markers for disease. Contact us if you conduct genome wide association studies or are interested in the application of genetics for your practice.

Data Storage Available

HIPAA-compliant storage accessible via dashboard or API

Analytic Solutions

Work with our team to discover and develop products for the next-generation of genomic-based health

No volume requirements

Analyze one sample, or one thousand

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DNA Lifestyle Coach

The DNA LifestyleCoach is a direct-to-consumer genetic test focused on improving the daily decisions of users. Purchase a kit today or, if you are a nutritionist or personal trainer, ask about distribution.

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