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Dieting: A genetic

Are telomeres biological clocks? We at Titanovo have been doing commercial telomere length testing for a few years now, so naturally we accumulated some data to look at correlations. While it’s a bit early to publish any findings in a journal, I’d like to disclose some observations and key thoughts I am starting to believe

Genetics and happiness (or the relative lack thereof)

Have you ever met a person that hardly ever looks happy? For some, the sun in the sky and the breeze on the ocean is a cause for celebration, while for other it is irrelevant to their happiness. Apparently, the weather is not the issue. Genetics play a huge role in whether positive events improve […]

The difficulty in turning actions into habits: why genetics are to blame

It’s Monday today, so it looks like we’ll try to start going to the gym for yet another week (or learning Chinese, quitting smoking and drinking, whatever). And for sure we’ll be doing it for the 21 days that are necessary to establish a new habit, right? Maybe not. The good news is that habits […]

How we became humans thanks to exercise

For those of you who have somehow skipped 150 years of science: we have evolved from hominid apes. 2 Million years ago, these ancestors of ours enjoyed quite a short life of not more than 30 years – the same lifespan of chimpanzees today. But some 1,8 million years ago, our lifespan began increasing. And […]

Eating Well in the New Year

Many people start off the new year with fitness goals, whether it be to log more hours at the gym, to cut sugars from their diet, or to try vegetarianism. While we have all heard the ire of gym-nuts about the yearly influx of new fitness-enthusiasts at the local gym, attempts at living healthier should […]

The effects of DNA on Weight Management

Weight gain over the years is usually a fact of life. As we age, our metabolism slows, and it becomes increasingly difficult to fight off a modest bulge in our bellies. However, the amount of weight gain varies widely, and is largely due to genetics. The genes rs10885406 and s7903146 can be used as markers […]

Coffee Consumption: Is it good for you?

We all love coffee thanks to the positive effect that caffeine has on our minds, making us productive, focused, and alert. But coffee consumption is not equal for everyone; genetics play a key role in whether it also has additional health benefits. Some studies have shown that caffeine can be harmful for you heart, while […]

DNA Diet Coach Protocol: Alice’s Need for B Vitamins

To clearly demonstrate how our patent-pending DNA Diet Coach works, this post is a simplified example of the DNA Diet Coach’s results analysis. In particular, we will focus on interpreting results from the MTHFR and FUT2 genes, which are related to vitamins B9 and B12. Alice will be our example subject. From genetic testing, we […]

B Vitamin nutrigentics (MTHFR, FUT2) and the DNA Diet Coach

The close relationship between B vitamins, genetics, and diet, is perhaps the most prominent example of modern nutrigenetics. The relationship between the three is fully analyzed by our DNA Diet Coach, with an anticipated Kickstarter launch date of February 1st. The DNA Diet Coach is designed to give users actionable dietary and supplementation advice, based on […]

Titanovo Announces “DNA Diet Coach” Nutritional Genetic Test

Titanovo, Inc. (Titanovo) is pleased to announce its upcoming Kickstarter campaign for a flagship offering, the DNA Diet Coach, an at-home test which allows users to determine their daily intake needs for key vitamins and nutrients, based on the users’ dietary preferences and genotype. Titanovo’s analytical engine processes genetic testing results in conjunction with lifestyle […]