A new approach
to health

Titanovo takes a step towards the next generation of modern healthcare by developing digital health tools for home-users, academic researchers, clinical practitioners, and corporate wellness.



Customers interested in our direct to consumer offerings can visit DNAlifestylecoach.com for more information and to place an order

Clinical Application

Our telomere length and genomic testing assays and analysis are available to clinical practitioners. Contact us for more information at info@titanovo.com

Academic Research

Titanovo partners with academics in Genome Wide Association Studies and telomere-related research by offering testing as a service and analytical toolkits. Contact us today to discuss your research needs.

Our Core

Oleksandr Savsunenko, Ph. D.


Dr. Savsunenko has a long history of working between industry and academia, with his primary interest being in projects around developing technologies. For Titanovo, Dr. Savsunenko is dedicated to realizing the potential of big data in the medical sciences and moving health and anti-aging research to new heights.

Corey McCarren

COO, business-development

Corey McCarren specializes in public relations and communications, and has worked on business development for a variety of projects in the high-tech field, now including Titanovo. Internally, Corey’s focus is on developing scalable business processes, while earning high-quality media attention and developing business relationships and opportunities.

Alexander Koliada

Lead Scientist

Alex Kolaida runs the Epigenetics lab at the Kyiv Gerontology Institute, a widely-recognized genetic engineering and gerontology research lab. He is an author to many novel genetic protocols and techniques whose research is focused on methods of cell age and status evaluation using biochemical and spectroscopic methods. Alex is also focused on development of research-oriented genetic tests and solutions.


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